Jerry Fielden



Ancient History
Augustus and the Roman army – Mutual Loyalty and Rewards Antoninus Elagabalus and his relationship with the Senate  An Emperor in trouble – Galba’s relationship with the Roman Army
The Life of Caius Marius  The Praetorian prefecture under the Julio-Claudians – path to power or dead-end job?  Private Libraries in Ancient Rome
Ptolemy I Soter’s self-promotion in his history of Alexander the Great  Suetonius and the reign of Tiberius: a comparison with other sources  Sulla and the proscriptions


The Beatles and the British Invasion  The influence of Electronic Music in Rock Music, 1967-76; 
Keith Emerson, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and others 
Pioneers of Electronic Music – Early Works 
Schaeffer/Henry, Ussachevsky/Luening and Le Caine 


Hitler: A study in tyranny, revised edition, 1961, by Alan Bullock, book review     



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