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All songs are (c) 1976-2010 Jerry Fielden (SOCAN). If you are considering any of the music for commercial purposes, please contact me at jerryfie AT hotmail DOT com

Jerry in the studio with Riser, 1985

Photo: Jerry Fielden in the studio, Toronto, 1985


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Bands I've played in - Groupes dont j'ai fait partie

1966-1971 The Glow Beats Jerry Fielden, Guitar

Tistou Giraldeau, Bass

Thomas Fielden, Drums

Jules Beauchemin, percussion

1971 ? Jerry Fielden, Guitar

Robert Ducharme, Bass

Marc Poirier, Guitar

Thomas Fielden, Drums

1972-1973 Time Perception Jerry Fielden, Guitar

Robert Vaillancourt, Bass (1972)

Robert Castonguay, Bass (1973)

Normand Castonguay, Drums (1972-73, alternating)

Mike Gilbert, Drums (1972-73, alternating)



Landslide Jerry Fielden, Guitar, Vocals

Pierre Clément, Guitar (1973-74)

Pierre McNicoll, Guitar (1975?)

Sylvain Daviault, Guitar (1975)

Normand Robidoux, Vocals (1974)

Michel Bérubé,  Bass

Claude Voisine, Drums

Pierre Ryan, Keyboards (1976-77)

1976(?) No name Jerry Fielden, Guitar, Vocals, Bass

François Bourassa, Guitar, Bass

Alain ?, Drums

1977 No name Jerry Fielden, Guitars, Vocals

Vince Marino, Guitars


1978 Blade Jerry Fielden, Guitar, Vocals

Renée Vigneault, Vocals (1978)

Kirk Bennett, Bass

Rodolphe Thuaud, Drums

1978-1980 Nightwatch Jerry Fielden, Guitar, Vocals

Luce Plante, Keyboards (1978)

Michel Poirier,  Guitar, Vocals (1979-80)

André Boyer, Bass, Vocals

Richard Pérusse, Drums

1981 Steelfield and others (Toronto) Annette Dillon, Vocals

Cathie Steele, Vocals

Jerry Fielden, Guitar, Vocals

Jean Michaud, Bass

Janice Jackson, Drums

Bob Steves, Drums

1982-1987 Riser (Toronto) Paul De Bellis, Vocals (1982)

Robin Welles, Vocals (1982-84)

Jerry Fielden, Guitar, Vocals, Taurus Bass Pedals

Alan Park, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Taurus Bass Pedals (1982-1986)

Ron Arnold, Bass (1987)

Mike Zurick, Drums

2003- AraPacis*

Jerry Fielden, Guitar, Vocals, Synths. Mandolin

Kirk Bennett, Bass, Vocals (2003) - founding member

Pierre Ryan, Keyboards (2003-2004) - founding member

Gabriel Boudreault, Bass (2005-2007) - on So Many Leapers

Ray Tessier, Drums (2005-2006) - on So Many Leapers

Shelsey Jarvis, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards (2005-2006) - on So Many Leapers

Lizzie Fyre, Vocals (2007-) -on Consequences of Dreams

Pedro Osorio, Drums (2007-2010) - on Consequences of Dreams

Dmitri Mak-Mak, Bass (2008-2009) - on Consequences of Dreams

Matt Roy, Drums (2010-)


2005-2006 Miranie Morissette Band Miranie Morissette, Guitar, Keyboards, Lead Vocals

Jerry Fielden, Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Mandolin

John Melas, Bass

Ray Tessier, Drums


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Children of the Night is (c) 1979-2001, Jerry Fielden

Supertune is (c) 1975-2001, Jerry Fielden

*AraPacis is (c) Jerry Fielden 2003

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